Joffre Lakes

Joffre Lakes is a must if you’re ever in British Columbia. It is past Pemberton, which is north of Whistler. It takes a couple of hours to get there from Vancouver but it is worth the drive. Plus the journey is very scenic. The car park is questionable. I went on a Wednesday and it … More Joffre Lakes

1st Dec

Can anyone actually believe it is December already?! Where has this year gone? It only feels like yesterday when I moved across to Canada, it’s been FIVE months. It’s crazy how quick it is going however I am pleased to say my Dad comes this month, 22 days away. Christmas away from home won’t be … More 1st Dec

Cabin Fever

I take back everything I said about the weather in my last post. I clearly spoke too soon as the sunshine has come back into my glorious Vancouver life. Today I wore shorts for the first time in what seems like forever, probably only a week or so but it felt good (especially with freshly … More Cabin Fever