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The Corson’s Take Canada

On the 29th July, my good friend Amy and her hubby flew to Vancouver to stay with me. Amy is my friend from high school and she’ll follow me around the world, words from her mouth. She flew solo to Poland when I did a study exchange for 6 months nearly 5 years ago. This…

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UK City of Culture 2017

So I’ve been meaning to write about Hull for some time now, especially as it is currently the UK City of Culture. Hull is my hometown and it was once named one of the worse places to live in the UK. Saying that I am from a small village called Skidby which is technically in…

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Home Comforts

I’ve been away from home for nearly three months and it has gone so quick. I am such a family gal and that’s the biggest thing I miss, my family and my crazy friends. When I finished uni back in 2014 I was nervous about coming home, losing independence and all that. However I was…

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