25th Dec

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! How many times have you said that now? I love how you literally say it to every person you encounter. Another reason why I love Christmas. My day started with multiple FaceTime sessions. First with my Nanna at my Aunty and Uncle’s house, then Holly who was with … More 25th Dec

24th Dec

How is it Christmas Eve already? I can’t believe it. I opened my final door on my Kinder chocolate advent calendar. It was a Kinder Surprise with the smallest water pistol I have ever seen inside. I worked today so I left my Dad in James’ hands. From what they told me they had a … More 24th Dec

23rd Dec

I am writing this a day late due to being slightly intoxicated yesterday evening. I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of rain. I texted my manager and asked nicely if I could have the day off to spend with my Dad. It wasn’t a problem. James had his work Christmas do so we … More 23rd Dec

22nd Dec

Surprise surprise, my Dad arrived a day early. I finished work a little earlier than planned and headed to meet James for a drink. I got there first and got us a table. Then I see James walk in, with my Dad. I was like what? He’s here already? I gave him a big hug … More 22nd Dec

21st Dec

I was walking around Downtown today and thought to myself why is it so busy? I then remembered how close Christmas Day is, FOUR days away. It has literally creeped upon us. It has been slightly different for me this year. I’ve done zero Christmas shopping, I’m sorry. My sister has been my little elf … More 21st Dec

20th Dec

I’ve found my preferred mode of transportation, aqua bus. I documented my first ride across False Creek here. I loved it so much I managed to convince James to catch it again today. Today has been so much warmer than the last few weeks, so I was hot and tired. I just wanted to get home … More 20th Dec

19th Dec

After a snow day, you get a slush day. I hate slush, especially when your shoe disappears into a deep slushy puddle. It is a full body workout walking in slush too. You’re trying your hardest not to face plant the floor so your whole body is tensed up and you are shuffling like a … More 19th Dec

18th Dec

My alarm woke me at 7am, along with a text from work saying it’s snowing and work will be closed. I was so pleased because I was finding it difficult getting out of bed. Back to sleep I went. When I eventually rose James and I sat on the balcony watching the snow fall. We … More 18th Dec