Gdańsk Getaway II

Where were we? Beer, beer, more beer and a drunken kebab.


I woke up with a little sore head but nothing major, thankfully. The morning started with a brunch stop at Pomelo Bistro. This spot came up on one of my many foodie online searches. It was off the main street and had an outdoor patio. We chose a table in the sunshine and ordered away. It was probably one of our cheapest meals, roughly £8 for 2 breakfasts, 2 coffees and 2 OJs. The waitress told us everything is locally sourced and homemade on site. It was worth the extra steps off the beaten path.

From the brunch spot, we walked along the river. We passed the crane again and I bought an amber ring. Gdansk is famous for its amber and you soon notice it. It is everywhere, from huge stones to delicate jewellery pieces. I was determined to find the right ring for me. After browsing the same kind of rings over and over again, I found a very simple silver ring with an amber stone. Who knows if it is the real deal but it hasn’t turned my finger green and only cost me £10. After wandering and gift shopping, we stopped for a caffeinated refreshment at Drukarnia. A super hipster coffee shop with a peaceful patio and located on one of the most beautiful streets in Gdansk.

After the coffee fix, Daisy and I split and I went to Sopot to see the beach and the sea. The sun was shining but it was breezy. It was not quite sunbathing weather, it was only April after all. However the pier was packed with people enjoying the sea breeze. I sat on a bench along the pier, read my book and people watched. I walked along one of the main streets, surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants, snapped a few photos and then headed back to Gdansk. It’s roughly a 20 minute drive. I nearly got a train but the convenience of an Uber won. I met Daisy for some polish cuisine at Pierogarnia Mandu. You can see the chef tirelessly making pierogies from scratch and decor resembles an Ikea restaurant. We ordered 2 kinds and shared. I can only describe them as a mix of a cornish pasty and a gyoza, tasty nonetheless.


Unfortunately Monday meant home time. We only had time for breakfast before our flight so we opted to eat at our hotel. Who doesn’t love a breakfast buffet? It was a little more than our other Polish meals we had devoured. However it still only set us back £10 each. We filled our plates and stuffed our faces. After packing the final bits, we made our way to the airport. And just like that our mini break was coming to an end. Once back in London, we went our separate ways. Daisy headed south, I went north. Luckily I got to squeeze a cheeky Nandos in with my other Vancouver friend, Vicki. It made the wait for my train way more bearable.

I would recommend Poland to anyone and everyone. It is a beautiful country which is often overshadowed for its more popular neighbours. And it is so god damn cheap, so you don’t really have any excuse not to go. I promise to share my other Polish experiences with you real soon.

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