Gdańsk Getaway

Most people know I love planning trips and getaways. I love hunting for the best deals. And I love browsing Airbnb and holiday websites. So I was happy to plan a trip for Daisy and I to reunite. This getaway began as a potential cabin break in the Welsh countryside. However after stumbling upon a 3 night break to Poland for a measly £160, going abroad was a more appealing option. The whole trip was booked seamlessly through Expedia.

I did a stint in Poland back in 2012 as part of a study exchange program. A post about my experience is in the pipeline so watch this space. I know it is a country of beauty, culture and cheap beer. In fact everything seems affordable in Poland as the exchange rate definitely works in our favour. Approximately 5 Polish zloty equals 1 English pound. Another round of beers? Yes please.

I met Daisy in Luton for a night at the Ibis before our very early flight. This was included in the £160 figure, although admittedly it was booked separately. You get what you pay for with Ibis, it’s a clean bed to get your head down. When choosing flight times, I like to make sure I’m not losing a day travelling. So if that means rising before the sun, then so be it.


We arrived in Gdansk by mid morning and ubered to our hotel, just in time for an early check in. We stayed at Hotel Sadova in Gdansk Old Town. It was built in 2016 so it boasted modern interiors and a great location. After unpacking (why not) and a freshen up we left the room in search for the nearest restaurant. We were ravenous. We had intentions to eat Polish cuisine but our hunger got the better of us and we settled for White Rabbit Saloon. We opted for a table outside in the sunshine. The weather did not disappoint us for the whole weekend. We ate our Hawaiian sandwiches and fries, washed down with a few beers whilst watching Gdansk unravel before our eyes. Who doesn’t love a bit of people watching? We settled the bill after some time and went for a wander to get a feel for the place. We walked down the main street in awe of the beautifully painted buildings.

The early start was beginning to take its toll so we went back to the hotel and took advantage of the pool and sauna. The pool area was pleasant, nothing to rave about. The sauna was hot like a sauna should be. It was nice to take a little time out. With our wet swimsuits in our hands we strolled back to our room, in our complimentary bathrobes. Obviously food was on our minds and we discussed what we should eat for our next meal. You really have to think these things through, there’s never enough meal times for the amount of food I want to consume. We decided to take a walk to a pizzeria we passed earlier in the day. With chlorine soaked hair we enjoyed pizza and a bottle of red at the authentic Italian restaurant, San Marco. How ever so sophisticated.


After a chilled morning, we went straight for sushi. It was practically lunchtime by the time we were walking the streets of Gdansk. We were eager beavers and our chosen sushi spot wasn’t open yet. We took this opportunity to have an impromptu photo shoot by the river and the famous crane. The crane dates back to the 15th century and was 80% destroyed in 1945. Two huge wooden wheels, operated by men walking inside made the crane lift up to 4 tonnes. It is crazy how things have changed yet they have been able to preserve this historic structure for us all to admire its beauty. From the photo shoot, we were the first customers of the day to walk through the doors of Izayaki sushi. My taste for sushi has only developed in the past couple of years however this was by far the most beautiful sushi I have ever seen. It tasted just as good as it looked and my gyoza appetiser was a great decision. It was definitely worth skipping breakfast for and I certainly love my breakfasts.

With a stomach full of sushi, we caught an Uber to Zaspa; a residential area known for its gigantic murals. Although no one approached us, the locals made us feel slightly uncomfortable. It probably didn’t help that I was wearing a camera round my neck and a backpack. I probably screamed tourist. The intimidation did not put us off exploring the murals in the sunshine, following a digital map on my iPhone. It would have been nice to take part in a tour however I believe these only occur during the summer months, free of charge.

Late afternoon, we went back to the hotel and ate a pot noodle with a teaspoon. It was a challenge that I do not wish to partake in again. I changed into another striped top, I packed about 362 striped tops and we headed out in search for local craft beers. We ended up in Cathead, trying multiple beers and spending our entire night there. It had a cool atmosphere, live music and tasty snacks. The snacks filled a hole but that didn’t stop us having an obligatory late night kebab.

I’m going to pause right there, so pop back soon for part dwa (two).

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