To Me, From Me

Some people collect shot glasses, some people collect fridge magnets; I on the other hand collect postcards from every place I visit. I can’t quite remember when this collection began but I’m going to guess around 2014. It might possibly be getting out of hand but I love how each one differs and reminds me of that particular trip.

I first thought about hanging the postcards like clothes on a washing line. However I loved the idea of a photo wall with mismatching frames. I pinned up my scratch map then one by one framed the postcards and randomly hung them on the wall. There’s no order to it and no spirit level involved. My technique was simple; if it looks good, hammer and hang. Majority of the frames were bought in bulk at The Range, I didn’t want to spend a fortune so I went for cheap and cheerful.

I have noticed on my search for a quirky postcard that many of them feature old and outdated landscape photos. I prefer to pick the ones that are slightly different. Amid the generic postcards, I have collected pieces of artwork relating to the place I visited and other “hangy things”. I’m not sure how to describe them so I will let the photos speak for themselves.

It has become a shrine to places I’ve travelled. Although it does nothing for my itchy feet, the scratch map is a constant reminder that there’s so much more I want to see. I’ve barely scratched the surface. No pun intended.

Do you have a collection of travel memorabilia? How did it begin?

4 thoughts on “To Me, From Me

  1. Love this idea. I wish I had sent myself a postcard while I was on my honeymoon in Peru, but I got lazy and didn’t. What kinds of stuff do you write on the back of you don’t mind me asking? Is it a letter to yourself or more of a journal entry or itinerary?

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