Vancouver Vacay

I had a bad day at work one day; I was fed up and had nothing to look forward to. I had become settled in a lifestyle I didn’t aspire to. To raise my spirits, I booked flights to Vancouver. It is surprising what a bit of holiday planning can do for your soul. I had only been home for 4 months and I was eager to get back.

After a 2 flights and an 8 hour layover in Toronto, I arrived in Vancouver to flowers and salad rolls. I mean it doesn’t get much better than that. It felt so good to be back, like I’d arrived home. I had a huge grin on my face, for multiple reasons. It was an amazing feeling and one I dream about all the time.  

I spent a day or so briefly catching up with friends before I was whisked away to Pender Island. It was a vacay within a vacay and I got to stay in the most dreamy cabin. It was idyllic, peaceful and the views were out of this world. I spent my time eating, drinking, admiring the view, disc golfing and exploring. It was a perfect mix of a relaxing time with great company.  

Once back in Vancouver, it was Halloween. I can honestly say I had one of my best nights of my life. Originally I had no plans and no fancy dress costume, so going out was out of the question. It was a week day and I was happy to stay in. However it wasn’t long until I was on my bike with my very own personal tour guide and fellow Vancity lover. We sped through the city, stopping at various places en route. Our stops included a spooky alley, art murals, a few beers and an impromptu firework display. It ended with a late night slice of pizza and poutine. It was spontaneous, romantic, fun and a very memorable Halloween.

My time in Vancouver didn’t completely whiz by. I was able to catch up with my favourite people. I ate, I drank, I biked and I completely fell in love with the city all over again. I visited new places. I watched a hockey game. I enjoyed a night on the town with my Irish girls. I biked the West Dyke Trail again. I went bowling. I sang karaoke. I went to an Immigration Fair. I met the parents. I ate salad rolls aplenty. And I knew more than ever that I still want to return.  

It was even more difficult leaving the second time round. I was saying goodbye to someone special. I didn’t know when I’d see him again. I didn’t know when I’d be back. And I know how it feels to be so far away from a life I miss so much. However it gave me a kick up the bum that I so desperately needed. I had become comfortable with my English lifestyle. I am currently working very hard on gaining my Permanent Residency for Canada. The wheels are finally in motion.

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