I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

So you may or may not know that I live on the east coast of England. I never really appreciated living near the sea before, as the Humber and Yorkshire beaches are not one to admire. Then I moved to Vancouver and I never got bored of cycling along the seawall. Or going down to the beach after work to eat salad rolls on a bench. It’s calming, relaxing and a great spot for people watching. 

With our amazing non British like summer ever, I took advantage of living close to the sea. I’ve definitely mentioned it before but I’m going to mention it again; been away from a place for a long time makes you see it in a new light. I appreciate the drive through my village every day. I appreciate the sunrise on my journey to work on dark mornings. I appreciate Hull and its historical architecture. I appreciate the beaches which I once shamed for been ugly. So here’s a list of a few seaside haunts I’ve visited recently.

Flamborough Head 

A little piece of the Costa del Sol. If you couldn’t hear the Yorkshire accents bellowing out around you, you could easily be in an exotic cove in Espana. There’s a lighthouse, café/pub and a small gift shop. With numerous walking trails, you can spend a long afternoon here. As you walk down the steps into the cove, you are surrounded by white cliffs. It is a stony beach, not loved by many but the clear water makes up for it. Bring those ugly water shoes or purchase them at the shop. I wish I could have taken a dip back in July.

South Landing 

Think sand dunes and soft white-ish sand, does Bridlington spring to mind? Probably not. This place took me by surprise. It was a hot day and barely anyone around. Isn’t it great when you go somewhere and it isn’t flooded with people? I went with my two school friends and their little bambinos. I probably wouldn’t advise bringing a pram onto the beach. That was a mission. It was fun dipping Evelyn in the sand covering every crease of her tiny body, sorry Bryony. There’s a small café next to the car park. You also get a free ride into Bridlington centre on the land train with your parking ticket. I’m not from Bridlington, so I’m not going to bash it but it is an interesting place. Great for people watching.  

Robin Hood’s Bay 

Have you ever seen Wild Child? Can you remember the scene where they drive to the pub and have fish and chips? Well this is that place, a picture postcard village near Whitby. You are led to the beach by a windy, cobble street; lined with cute cottages, quaint pubs and crafty shops. Once at the beach and the tide is out, you can walk for miles. Make sure you have enough energy to walk back to the car. Or stop the night in one of many adorable cottages.

Hull Marina/Humber Street 

This is an area I was looking forward to visiting after my stint in Canada. It has recently been redeveloped into a fancy, schmancy area of Hull with cool restaurants, boutiques, galleries and craft stores. You can grab a coffee, a la-de-da gin cocktail or a tasty Sunday roast. You have views of the marina, the Humber and the Deep. Try Nibble for brunch, set back from the main street but worth the hunt.  


Out by Hornsea, this little gem is tucked away along a narrow road of wind turbines. I personally think turbines are pretty cool to look at. I can never understand why people think they ruin a landscape. Anyways, you are greeted to a paid car park and a modern café before you hit the beach. Definitely a firm favourite for dog watching, as it is a dog friendly beach. Again, at low tide you can get those Fitbit steps in.  

Isle of Wight/Lymington 

So this isn’t very local to me, it’s far! I made the 6 hour car journey to visit my Vancouver buddies. I have never been that far south before, apart from going to Dover to catch a ferry. It was a staycation and I loved it. There’s still a ton of places I want to explore in England. It was August bank holiday, I’d had two very boozy weekends prior to this, so I was keen to just catch up and eat my body weight in cheese. I jumped on a ferry to the Isle of Wight, such a beautiful spot. I’d recommend taking a bike with you.  

I know sunshine is usually associated to beaches but I am partial to a winter walk on the beach too; do you have any UK seaside recommendations? 

One thought on “I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

  1. I went to the beach at Broadstairs a year or so ago.. I’d never even heard of it. The local fish and chips were legit. Spent a cloudy, rainy day there but yes was still able to see the beauty in it.. Not sure how easy it is to visit for you, all I know is it’s not far from London 😂 helpful, I know

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