2 Tickets to the Sunshine Coast

Almost a month ago, give or take a few days I went to the Sunshine Coast with Cassie. Our mutual friend from Big White lives over there so we hopped on a ferry for a day to meet our very own Sunshine Coast expert, Sage.

The day started very wet and rainy. I was close to cancelling actually. Who wants to be outdoors all day in the rain? Not me. Anyways my time in Vancouver was slowly running out so I jumped out of bed and got rain proof ready.

What started as a very, very, very wet day,  quickly transformed into a blue skies and sunshine kind of day. I didn’t want to let the rain stop me so I met Cassie and took the bus to the ferry terminal, borrowed rain mac at the ready. The ferry was shorter than I thought, definitely under an hour (if I remember rightly) and it costs less than $15 to get there and back. The ferry is such a scenic ride, regardless of the length of the crossing you’ll be entertained with the miles and miles of mountains and ocean views. I always look out for the waterfront properties, that’s the dream one day.


Our tour guide and friend, Sage kindly collected us from the ferry terminal on the other side. We decided to go straight for a coffee to escape the horrendous rain. As we made our way towards Sechelt, the weather began to get progressively better. I even spotted blue skies at one point. We continued to chase the sunshine and eventually escaped the rain for the rest of the day.

First on the agenda was a small hike to Chapman Creek waterfalls, located next to a quarry which you can see from space apparently. The trail itself wasn’t very exciting but the waterfall views at the end made up for that. Along with the regular stops for salmonberry eating. Oh and I can’t forget to tell you guys that I saw a bear. Yes, that’s right one of those furry brown bears that I’ve been wanting to see ever since I landed in Canada. I couldn’t believe it, finally spotted one in the wild with about a month left on my visa. Unfortunately it was a very quick sighting and our furry friend ran off pretty sharpish. I have two witnesses and the memories so I’m happy about that.


After all this excitement, we had to celebrate with an alcoholic beverage. We walked from Sage’s house to Bricker Cider Company, a local cidery in Sechelt. We got a flight each of three of their ciders. Very reasonably priced and a lovely beer garden, or cider garden I guess. The sun was still shining so we sipped our ciders and reminisced about our winter in Big White. The frambo was my favourite, tart with a fruity aroma and BC grown raspberries. It is not like your typical fruity cider but I liked that about it. I’ll be back Brickers.

Next up, food. Obviously you want to go the best places when you visit somewhere new. So I’m glad we had Sage to direct us to the local eateries. We went to Gumboot in Roberts Creek, a restaurant that focuses on local produce. I’m very rarely disappointed when it comes to food, as you’ve probably gathered from my whole blog. So I feel like I can’t rely on the “I was not disappointed” phrase but it is true. Another good food memory to add to my overflowing bank. I opted for the wild salmon burger. I haven’t eaten much salmon in Canada so it was a nice change.


To help the food digest, Sage took us for a wander along Roberts Creek pier. It was beautiful. I am constantly surprised with Canada’s beauty, as ridiculous as that may sound. But seriously the views just never cease to amaze me. And as I’m writing this from England, it’s making me feel sad that I can’t just hop on a ferry to relive this moment. We just strolled down the pier, taking photos and admiring the scenery. Take me back!


The fun didn’t stop there. Honestly we packed so much into this day. And we didn’t get the early, early ferry (I’m not much of a morning person). Sage drove us to Soames Hill, a small hike similar to Deep Cove’s Quarry Rock. After a short uphill hike you are instantly rewarded with never-ending views of Vancouver Island, Keats Island, the Strait of Georgia and the town of Gibsons. It was so silent up there, definitely no awkward silences. I’ll let the photos do the talking.


Back to spending money on alcohol, we hit up Persephone Brewing Company. They grow their own hops and it has a genuinely cool vibe with an outdoor patio and pizza oven. They serve their beer in mason jars, is that hipster enough for you?

The final stop on this jam-packed day was Gibsons, a small seaside community. We walked along the harbour, spotted a rainbow and admired the boats. The only thing I do regret not doing is buying a postcard. I have been collecting postcards from everywhere I visit for a few years now. I then frame them and pop them on the wall. I forgot all about my postcard tradition, clearly enjoying myself too much. I guess I’ll just have to go back.


Thank you so much Sage for being a fabulous tour guide and chauffeur. You should definitely open your own guided tours. I loved the Sunshine Coast and I definitely want to spend more time there when I go back. No ifs and buts, I want to get back to Canada as soon as possible.

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