Working a Ski Season

My time at Big White came to a bitter sweet end on the 25th March, exactly 2 weeks before the resort closed. I had a trip to LA booked and although I was slightly disappointed to be leaving early, I was ready to move on.

It has been a huge dream of mine to work and live in a ski resort. And I will cherish those memories for the rest of my life. As a huge skiing fan, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Well I do wish my house didn’t flood but shit happens. Guess what, my laptop came back to life and my passport arrived in time for LA. So it wasn’t all that bad in the end.

Big White spoiled me with shit tons of snow. I didn’t know it was possible to snow so much, days at a time sometimes. Even when it closed, they had so much snow forecast for the next week. The powder is just on another level. I don’t think I’ll ever see that in Europe but a girl can dream.

I met a lot of great people from all other the world. Who am I kidding, mainly Australians. My first friend was Kerri, my roommate from Toronto and fellow poutine lover. You made sharing a room easy. I was so scared to share a room with a stranger. It wasn’t easy moving out of Whitetail after our flooding incident but I like to think it brought us closer together. Jemma bought me wine when my house flooded and her last name is my hometown. Of course we are friends. Cassie came with me back to Vancouver. Our journey isn’t over just yet. I will forever be entertained with her Snapchat updates.

I wouldn’t rush back to Big White to work another season. To be honest I don’t understand how people do it again and again. You get paid peanuts and pay a fortune in rent. You are basically a slave for 5 months. I’m really selling it to you aren’t I? I did have a good time but it is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. Well for me, anyways. I would live there and not work and just ski the whole time. That would be the dream right? Partying can get boring after going to the same 2 bars every week. Friday’s at Sessions, Sunday’s at Snowshoe Sam’s. I was more than happy to spend my nights in towards the end.

You do get a lift pass for the winter. And incredible snow and runs to explore for 5 months. Does it make it worth it? Yeah I think it does. I really think they could increase the pay though and reduce rent. Come on, everyone is paying around $700 each a month for a shared room. I’m really not sure how that is even legal but people do it, year after year. I was one of those desperate people eager to get set up in a ski resort. They must be make a killing. And it would improve moral across the resort. Staff would be way more happy.

I must have been doing something right anyways because I got Employee of the Month. This surprised me a little because I am so over customer service. I have never encountered so many stupid people in my life since being in my rental jobs. So my patience was wearing thin. I got a free trip down to Kelowna to watch the Kelowna Rockets hockey game. I got to sit in a private box with the other employee’s of the month. We had unlimited free food and drink to work our way through. It was definitely a night to remember.

Talking about hockey, Big White run their very own staff hockey league. So each department play another department once a week on the outside hockey rink. I’m more of cheerleader than a hockey player. So I was more than happy to cheer my team on from the sideline. Go Honey Badgers, Go! We were able to buy a hockey jersey, personalised with our name and number. This is something I’ll keep forever.

As I mentioned before you do get paid next to nothing but you do get plenty of benefits. Discounts in restaurants and shops, free tubing and ice skating, free ski and snowboarding lessons and free and discounted days at different mountains. And you get to ski all winter long for free. What more could you want? The job wasn’t great but I got to meet a lot of cool and interesting people.

Honey Badgers 2017-2018

It does sound like I’m complaining about the whole thing, well I am English so what do you expect. It was a weird experience for me. As cliche as it sounds it was a rollercoaster. They were days I was so close to quitting and even flying back to England. Towards the end I didn’t really want to leave. You surround yourself with the same people every day and you become a family. You live in a bubble, not the real world. It was the first time I felt alone since my breakup. And lots of big characters to compete with for a quiet person like myself. But I came out the other side a stronger person and I did have a fabulous time.

I’ll be back Big White, see you soon.

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