Two Mountains in Two Days

Towards the end of my Big White experience (back in March), I went on a road trip with my two new Aussie besties. We squeezed two days skiing/snowboarding at two different mountains; Sun Peaks and Revelstoke. I was pretty pumped to try new mountains and for free too. I mean Sun Peaks could only offer us 50% off but hey I’m not complaining.  Again, I wish I took advantage of the reciprocals however the time goes so quick and it’s difficult without your own car.

Anyways, we had a great time. Big thanks to Cassie’s roommate who let us borrow his vehicle. We set off bright and early to get a full day skiing at Sun Peaks. I have visited Sun Peaks before when my Dad came to visit last winter. We did the snowmobiling tour there, it was a lot of fun. The village is hands down the most prettiest ski resort I’ve seen in Canada so far. And there’s a lot of terrain to explore. It’s apparently the second largest resort in Canada.

I wish I visited early on in the season as it was a bit slushy in places. And I think it could have been a lot better. Unfortunately I’ve been spoilt rotten in Big White with the perfect powder and lots of tree runs. Sun Peaks isn’t about that. However don’t knock it until you try it. It is a great resort with a lot to offer.

After a day on the slopes, we grabbed a coffee and made our way to Revelstoke. Well done to Cassie for driving for the first time on the wrong side of the road and nailing it. We covered a lot of miles in the first day. But at least we were able to wake up in Revelstoke and head straight to the slopes.

After checking into the Backpacker Hostel at Revelstoke, we went in search for tacos at The Taco Club. It did not disappoint, delicious food and drinks. The only way I can describe Revelstoke is quaint but slightly murderous. If I was able to do another winter season in Canada, I would chose Revelstoke (or Silverstar/Sun Peaks). Not for the murderous vibes obviously. The town of Revelstoke is small but a very, very close drive to the slopes. The town has everything you would need during the winter months. And it has some really good food which is most important.

The hostel served us perfectly. We were able to recharge our batteries and good location for a foodie like moi. For breakfast we went to The Modern Bakeshop and Cafe. I cannot talk this place up enough, it was delicious and you should go. Simple as that really. We filled our bellies for a long day of riding.

So Revelstoke is a new ski resort. I had no idea it is only 10 years old. The actual ski resort is quite small, it only has 2 chairs and the main gondola. It is a very steep mountain so it takes a while to get to the top. However once we were there, we didn’t come down until the end of the day. The views were incredible of Upper Arrow Lake. The snow was nearly perfect and I loved every run we did. We covered a lot of it, including the last spike run which is 9 miles long.

This trip was even more special because I finally bought the Blizzard Black Pearl’s which I had been lusting after for the whole season. I got them at a steal of a price and I’m in love. I’ve always skied with short skis, similar to snowblades. Working at the Big White rental shop expanded my horizons and I tried lots of different skis. I realised I could ski with longer skis. I was born with a club foot so I always thought I wouldn’t have enough strength in my left leg for longer skis. I was so wrong. I no longer get judgemental stares and comments with my snowblades because now I’m a big girl with big skis.


Our road trip was short but sweet. I could never take these Canadian road trips for granted. They are usually very scenic and you pass a lot of pretty lakes. I’m dreaming of living in a van and travelling around Canada one day at a time. Dream big folks!



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