I’ll stick to downhill skiing

Working in a rental shop has its advantages, I can rent various equipment for free. I’ve taken full advantage of this renting high performance skis, trying snowboarding multiple times and now cross country skiing. I never thought I’d ever be able to say I cross country skied one time in Canada.

Feeling optimistic before we got going…

Well it started with a blue bird day and freshly cut hair, I had a drastic hair cut the day before. Short hair, don’t care. Back to the story… Jemma, Cassie and I met at work to get fitted for our cross country adventure. Jemma and Cassie are both snowboarders so I thought I’d have an advantage of being a skier. How wrong was I.

I clipped into my skis, which for those who don’t know are only attached at the toe of your boot. I lined my skis with the special tracks for cross country skiing and began sliding along. It wasn’t long before a downhill bit began. I didn’t even think of the repurcussions, I just let myself go with the tracks. The downhill started to bend round the corner which I was not prepared for. This is when I came flying out the tracks and landed on my arse.

Check the trees out in the background

This is pretty much how our day began and ended. So many falls and slip ups, lots of giggles and near misses. Some were captured on camera, some will live on in our memory. I’m laughing out loud just thinking about that day right now.

xc collage

I wouldn’t rush back to do it but I would encourage anyone of you to take part for pure entertainment. It’s a workout. The up hills are tricky. The downhills were even more tricky. You have to do it with confidence, believe in yourself and let the hill take you. You can’t just pizza (snow plough) to slow down, your skis are stuck in the tracks. Luckily no broken bones or any minor injuries. Just painful abs from laughing our arses off all day long and some pretty photos…


Thank you Jemma for your GoPro screen grabs!



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