The time I went to Silverstar

Remember me? I should stop apologising for the lack of content and just get on with it. I have no excuses, just pure laziness. So let’s cut to the chase I went on a road trip. In February I went to Silverstar, close to Vernon, BC. It takes a couple of hours from Big White so I just went for the day with two girls from work (thanks to Ash for driving). As Big White staff we get free and discounted days at a load of different mountains. It’s something I wish I had taken more advantage of but without a car it’s pretty difficult.

I had to start the day with a McDonald’s breakfast as there’s no sign of a McDonald’s in Big White. After parking up at Silverstar and getting ready to go I was super stoked to be on a different mountain skiing on different runs. I hate to say it but it does get a little repetitive skiing at the same place for 3 months. However it is nice knowing a mountain like the back of your hand.


It was so quiet which I love when skiing. No one wants or likes busy runs and long lift lines. The visibility wasn’t the best but lots of fresh powder so if you did tumble over, you had a soft landing. I had a great day, I just wish it lasted longer. I would recommend 2 days to explore more. We did the backside before lunch and then stayed on the frontside in the afternoon. I still felt like we barely covered it.

For lunch  we had burgers and beer at Long John’s. It was tasty, it didn’t break the bank and reminded me of an English pub inside. After our day of skiing ended, we browsed a few shops. I bought the obligatory postcard for my collection and chocolate for the ride back. The village at Silverstar is very picturesque and Instagram worthy. I loved the Wild West theme, the buildings were very saloon like and colourful.


It does get a bit too much stranded at Big White, so I always find it refreshing leaving for the day. I’m currently planning an overnight trip to Sun Peaks and Revelstoke, I’ll keep you posted.


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