Day 559 out of 729

I’m still a little shell shocked that is already 2018. In fact we are already one week in. How and when did this happen? This also means I have just 6 months left in Canada which makes me feel incredibly sad.

I spent NYE house party hopping, firework watching, wine drinking and crisp eating. It was fun, until I had to work at 7:45am on New Years Day. I shouldn’t complain as I chose to work but I did appreciate the bacon and egg delivery at 10am. I also didn’t spend a penny so yeah it was a pretty good night.

Now that it is 2018, it is beginning to sink in that I have to leave Canada soon and to be honest I don’t really want to. Yes I want to see my family, my friends and my home but do I feel like I really belong there? Probably not. It is a daunting feeling, it makes me feel a bit sick inside. I’m definitely more nervous about coming home than I was coming to Canada.

Why don’t I just stay? Unfortunately I can’t, not right now anyways. It’s not as easy as just extending my visa. I need money, I need time. Both of which I don’t have right now. I should have started applying for permanent residency (PR) months and months ago. However I don’t want to be a permanent resident of Canada, I just want to be able to freely come and go as I please. I hate how final it feels that my visa expires on 27th June 2018. I can only get one 2 year visa and it’s nearly over.

I’ve met so many people recently who are just starting out on their 2 year visas. I am so jealous. They have such an exciting time ahead. I’ve been there and nearly done that. I’ve had an exciting time so far too. There’s things I would have changed or done differently. And there’s still a lot of things I want to do and see. Time is literally flying by right now.

So what next? To accomplish everything I want to do in Canada. To tick everything off my bucket list or get close to. To have a bloody good time and go out with a bang. Maybe I’ll come home and never want to leave. Maybe I’ll apply for Canadian PR from England. Maybe I’ll do a working holiday visa in New Zealand or Australia. How am I meant to decide? I’m hoping everything will just fall into place. Wish me luck.

I wrote this list back in March 2017 and I think I’ve done a good job at crossing most things off.

  1. Hike Joffre Lakes
  2. Do the Grouse Grind
  3. Visit Seattle
  4. Visit Portland
  5. Attend the Calgary Stampede 
  6. Visit Vancouver Island – Tofino and Victoria
  7. Go snowshoeing
  8. Go paddle boarding at Deep Cove
  9. Hike Garibaldi Lake
  10. Hike The Stawamus Chief
  11. Go wine tasting at Okanagan Valley
  12. Do white water rafting
  13. Visit Steveston
  14. See an ice hockey game
  15. Do the Whistler bungee
  16. Learn snowboarding – in progress
  17. Work in a ski resort
  18. Go to the Scandinave Spa at Whistler
  19. Visit Maligne Lake
  20. Visit Salt Spring Island
  21. Visit Bowen Island
  22. Go kayaking
  23. Ride a seaplane
  24. Visit Jasper
  25. Take advantage of the free National Parks pass
  26. Blog more frequently
  27. Take more photos

Come back soon to check on my updated bucket list and how I hope to spend my final 6 months in Canada.



One thought on “Day 559 out of 729

  1. Reading your blog gets me so excited about coming to Canada even though its so far in the future right now!
    We did 2, 9, 11, 14, 24 and 25 in Sept and have to say that you can’t leave without doing them. We drove from Jasper to Banff during sunset, crashed in a car park until some ungodly hour of the morning and drove the rest of the ice fields parkway during sunrise then got to Lake Louise for breakfast, if there is one thing that I want to do again it was that one.
    Also we hiked Garibaldi lake but wished we packed a tent and carried on to the panoramic ridge the next morning as it was beautiful but too far (and too unfit!) to do in one day. x

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