Not your average Christmas Day

I love the countdown to Christmas Day but I do find it to be a bit of anti climax. The build up to Christmas usually begins the day after Halloween, everything changes from pumpkins and cobwebs to sparkly baubles and twinkly lights. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Christmas but after a month of preparing for it, it just goes by like any other day.

This year was the first Christmas away from my family. I was away last Christmas but my Dad came to visit me, check my Christmas Day 2016 blog post here. This year I’m in a fairly new place with new friends and it was tough. I wanted to work. I wanted to be busy so I wouldn’t mope around thinking about my Nanna’s cheddar prawns or the delicious cheese board I normally consume. I love being surrounded by family around the festive period. I enjoy not knowing what day it is. I love having naps after falling into a food coma. And it’s perfectly acceptable to drink prosecco for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is my Dad with my Nanna’s delicious and famous Cheddar Prawns

I took part in the Christmas Eve parade as a Who from Whoville, along with other members of staff from other departments. It was interesting to say the least. I got my hair done all crazy and Cindy Lou like. I then drank a fair bit of wine and went to Sam’s. I don’t really agree with getting drunk as on Christmas Eve. Who wants a hangover on Christmas Day?! However it happens most years so I went along with it.

So I spent Christmas Day 2017 at the Big White Rental shop, with a shit ton of hairspray and glitter still in my hair, serving customers on their Christmas holiday. It was fairly quiet, it was fun and it took my mind off home. In fact it just felt like any other day. The customers were extra nice, I appreciated them wishing me Merry Christmas and thanking me for working. Dinner was tricky, I had nothing that resembled a festive turkey or pigs in blankets. I last did a big food shop in Kelowna around 2 weeks ago, Christmas dinner didn’t even cross my mind back then. So Jemma and I decided we’d get pizza. It is already an unconventional day for both of us, so why not have pizza for dinner too. However the pizza shop was closed, Christmas Day was ruined. So we wandered down to the Happy Valley cafeteria to take advantage of our 50% off staff discount. They sold out of turkey, bloody typical. So I settled for a chicken dinner. It was ok.

You make the best of a situation and that’s what we did. It wasn’t one of my best Christmases but I had a good time. I felt part of my families day with multiple video calls and messages. I think they missed me as much as I missed them, or that’s what I hoped. Thank you to those who sent me money and Christmas cards. I’m sorry I didn’t send any money, presents or Christmas cards. I am on a very tight budget but you all deserve so much and more.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here’s my present from me to you…



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