Closer to 30 than 20

I turned 26 on 30th July 2017 and I spent it with a group of people I now call friends on Sunset Beach with pizza and a few alcoholic beverages. You know what, it was one of my best birthday celebrations to date. So thank you to those who showed their face and shared my day with me.

I decided to create a list of 26 things I’ve enjoyed in Canada so far…

  1. When my Dad came to visit – I loved seeing my Dad after nearly 6 months.
  2. Standing on a frozen Lake Louise – that was pretty awesome.
  3. Sunsets – I love a sunset these days, especially with the mountains/Vancouver in the background. I sound old.
  4. Our winter RV trip – gosh it was cold but I loved driving around in an RV. That would be my dream trip.
  5. White Water Rafting in Chilliwack – one of my best days in Canada, you should all do it!
  6. Biking – I didn’t own a bike in England so biking in Vancouver was new to me. Luckily it is a super bike friendly city and so scenic. Best way to travel downtown.
  7. My new friends – they have made my time the best so far.
  8. When the Corson’s came to visit – I thoroughly enjoyed showing these guys my temporary home. I hope you had as much as fun as me.
  9. Whistler – before I came to Canada, I was extremely excited to ski in Whistler. Although now I realise it doesn’t differ too much to the French Alps, it will always have a place in my heart.
  10. The Food – I have become an even bigger foodie in Canada than I was in England (not sure that is possible but it has happened). I am forever eating out and trying new places. That’s where my money goes.
  11. Coffee – I’m still a latte type of gal but I drink more coffee and I love going for coffee. After work coffee Monday’s are a thing.
  12. Being by the water – I live right by the water and that’s what I will miss the most. It is so peaceful and calm, even in the middle of Downtown Vancouver. I love biking along the seawall.
  13. The Aquabus – following no.12, travelling by boat is my new favourite mode of public transport. The aquabus connects various points along False Creek in Vancouver and it’s a great way to travel.
  14. The Mountains – I don’t think I can ever get bored of seeing the mountains every day. I’m so excited to see the snow on the tops soon.
  15. The Seawall – The views from the seawall are out of this world. It doesn’t seem real as you bike along. It runs around the whole city too and I get to call it my route to work.
  16. Stanley Park – Crazy to think such a large park lays right next to Downtown. It’s bigger than Central Park in New York. Home to a hell of a lot of squirrels.
  17. Calgary Stampede – Definitely one of my highlights in Canada so far. I loved the cowboys, horses, fireworks and deep fried food.
  18. Night Skiing – There’s so much night skiing to do in Vancouver and surrounding areas. I loved skiing at night in Big White, Seymour and Cypress Mountain.
  19. Golden Campsite – This is a strange one but it deserves a mention. We stayed at this random campsite in Golden during our RV trip. It was white over, by a river (I believe) and a train line. It was just the epitome of Canada, or what I imagine when I think of traditional Canadian scenery.
  20. Poutine – Who knew I would grow to love cheesy, gravy soaked fries. It’s different to your cheesy chips with gravy in England. They use cheese curds, yum. So delicious, I want some now!
  21. SWAP (working holiday organization) – They have been so supportive and a helping hand when needs be. They organize events for us, they listen to our silly stories and they answer our stupid questions. I’m so glad I went through Bunac to get here.
  22. Skiing – I wish I skied more last season but I am so excited at the prospect of living and working in a ski resort this coming season. Big White is probably one of my favourite places I’ve skied in Canada.
  23. Snowmobiling in Sun Peaks – What an experience, I don’t even know how to describe it. I loved seeing the frozen trees covered in snow. I loved the pink sky at the end. I loved having free time to do what you wanted. Do it if you get the chance.
  24. Spokes Bicycle Rentals – Of course I have to include Spokes. It’s been my workplace for the past year and a bit. I love it and hate it. I’ve met some really great people, including Eva Longoria and Liam Neeson.
  25. The Summer – I wore jeans for the first time yesterday since June. In England you tend to get a week of summer (if you’re lucky). Here I got over 2 months. It was hot hot. I’m thankful for rain right now but I’m hoping for more sunshine.
  26. Stand Up Paddleboarding – Deep Cove is the best place to do SUP in Vancouver. I technically did this after I turned 26 but it was a lot of fun and something I want to do again before winter begins.

So that’s it. I have loved every moment on this list and so much more. Enjoy a photo of me on my 8th birthday (I presume I was 8 with 8 candles on my cake).



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