Vancouver Canadians vs. Everett AquaSox

How is it the 10th July already? And it has already been 2 weeks since I was celebrating my first year in Vancouver. I need to work on my consistency and keep you up to date. With that said I’m throwing it back to Tuesday 20th June when I went to see my first (and probably last) baseball game.

It was held at the Nat Bailey Stadium, near Queen Elizabeth park. It was just a short skytrain and a very short bus ride away. I went with Swap and two girls from work for a grand total of $14. I’m always up for something cheap and cheerful.

I was going for the atmosphere and a hot dog, obviously. I wasn’t going for the baseball, sorry Vancouver Canadians. I think they won (I’m useless). I was there for a total of 3 and half hours. I would have left mid game however I was holding out for the firework extravaganza at the end. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, it was fun trying to figure out what was happening. I had fun complaining I was too hot and then too cold when the sun disappeared. It was fun drinking $7 beers and eating a decent hot dog. It was fun watching someone change the manually operated scoreboard.

I’m pretty sure baseball is very similar to rounders however I hear they are very different games/rules. Nonetheless you should go at least once. It felt like a proper Canadian experience and that’s what I’m here for. And for under $20, you can’t complain.



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