Richmond Night Market

Two Sundays ago I went to Richmond Night Market with the girls from Spokes. I went last summer however it was so rushed as James and I had plans after so I was looking forward to returning and taking my time.

So Richmond Night Market is open weekends from May 12th to October 9th. I would recommend going just for the food. The retail stalls are a bit of let down, unless you want socks. You’ll be spoilt for choice. The food stalls are so busy so prepare yourself for crowds however it is definitely worth the occasional push and shove.


Do not be put off by the huge queue surrounding the entrance to the night market. Find the promo staff who sells the zoom pass. It costs $25 but it gets you up to 7 visits with fast pass entry. This is so worth it. We bought one as a group and split the cost. Or you can buy one for yourself and enjoy 7 visits up to October. I will definitely be going back, there’s so much food to try.


We first perused the stalls to see what was on offer, then we made our selections. I started with a Thai spring roll. I wish I made a note of the stall, I’m useless. Then I had a prawn kebab, I was a little worried when I saw them after I had already placed my order. However it was a great choice, any kind of prawn dish is good in my eyes. The main attraction for me was the mac and cheese roti. I am gutted they don’t have a store, just the stall at the market. I wanted to try a few things on their menu, it looked so good. The mac and cheese roti did not disappoint, I also added bacon.

Fish on a stick anyone?
Mac & Cheese Roti = party in the mouth

I don’t mean to digress but it will make sense eventually. I recently developed a love for mangoes. I bought one in a supermarket, googled how to cut/eat it and loved it. I did not love the cutting/dissecting of the mango though, it’s too messy. So with that said I had to have something mango. You’ll see a lot of mango stalls, drinks and food. I settled for a mango and coconut drink with real mango chunks. I also love coconut, such a dreamy drink.


Last but not least I had a taiyaki. I’ve had one before in Downtown and Richmond at Snowy Village Dessert Cafe. So I had one at the market, with a Kit Kat centre. It was good but not as good as the ones I’ve had previously. I’m all about experimentation with food. I must say as well the food is very affordable. It will not blow your budget, unless you buy something from every stall. That would be impressive.

Overpriced churro ice cream, however it does come in an inflatable mini flamingo

You will also witness some live entertainment on the main stage. I won’t give too much away. It was interesting to say the least but I’ll let you make you’re own decision on that.


Did I also mention how easy it is to get there? Hop on the Canada Line skytrain and get off at Bridgeport. It takes about 25 minutes from Downtown Vancouver. The entry fee is $3.75 if you wish to queue for what must take hours.

I want to know what you ate if you’ve been or planning on going soon. I’m a big foodie if you haven’t already gathered.

Photo courtesy of Holly


Next post will feature a horse-drawn carriage and a traditional chinese garden.

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