Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

So this is kind of a pointless post as you can no longer see the live concert, however I just had to share the details of the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience I went to see on Saturday night.

Game of Thrones started back in 2011 and it is only within the last year that I have watched it and become a fan. I stood my ground for a long time and wasn’t going to jump on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. James has watched it since the beginning and was very persistent with me. He finally sat me down and forced me to watch it. It took a bit of time but I eventually got into Game of Thrones, fell in love with the cast and watched most of them die (no spoilers).

I remember seeing the Game of Thrones live experience on Ticketmaster last year and thought James would love to see that. Of course April came round super quick and we bought tickets last week. It took many weeks, maybe months to book the tickets as I was dead against the booking fee on Ticketmaster. They are sneaky and it added an additional $10+ to each ticket. I really didn’t want to miss out so we went ahead anyways and booked it.

James, Victoria and myself headed to Rogers Arena on Saturday evening, all not really knowing what to expect. They had released a trailer and I had read some reviews so I knew to some degree what I was letting myself in for. We bought our overpriced food and drinks and headed to our seats. The stage is in the middle so you could see everything from every spot in the house.

I was completely blown away by the whole experience. It was very well put together with scenes from Game of Thrones shown on big screens with a live orchestra and a local choir producing the music. They really did a great job and executed it perfectly. I think it was extraordinary because I just didn’t know what to expect. The scenes were big events in the Game of Thrones plot and tributes to the characters with lights, smoke and fire effects.

I have seen all the episodes up to date so there were no spoilers for me. So if you do get an opportunity to see it in the future, make sure you’re up to date. The composer, Ramin Djawadi asked the audience who hadn’t seen the series. You’d be surprised at how many people made a noise/raised a hand to that question. It wasn’t just for GoT fans, it was a creative, musical experience. I took a few pictures on my iPhone, they really don’t do it any justice. I wish it was possible to show you what I really saw and experienced.

Something similar is happening this weekend but for Harry Potter fans. The Orpheum in Vancouver is showing the Chamber of Secrets with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. I know someone who went last year to see the first film and said it was really good. Last time I checked it was nearly sold out, with just a few single seats available but you never know I might end up there at the weekend.


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