UK City of Culture 2017

So I’ve been meaning to write about Hull for some time now, especially as it is currently the UK City of Culture. Hull is my hometown and it was once named one of the worse places to live in the UK. Saying that I am from a small village called Skidby which is technically in East Riding of Yorkshire. Nevertheless I am proud to say I’m from Hull and glad to hear it is becoming a better place.

So what is the UK City of Culture you ask? It is awarded to a city in the UK for a period of one year, every four years. The aim of the initiative is to build on the success of Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture 2008, which had significant social and economic benefits for the area. That sounds good right, sorry I stole it from Wikipedia but it sums it up perfectly.

Although I now live in one of the most beautiful and scenic cities in the world, I’m gutted to be missing out on all things City of Culture back home. Some of the major events I’ve missed so far are “In With A Bang”, which was the firework display on the 1st January.

UK City of Culture 2017
Photo taken from Hull Daily Mail website
Then I missed the Made in Hull light show which was an installation across the city. Crowds flocked to the city centre to watch a historical projection on the buildings. It showed the hidden culture of Hull from the Second World War bombings to the booming fishing industry. I watched a clip on youtube and I was proud.

Photo taken from Hull Daily Mail website
On the 8th January a blade was installed in Queen Victoria Square. A huge wind turbine blade was part of the Look Up programme which is a series of major art commissions in public spaces around Hull. Nayan Kulkarni was the artist who wanted to transform Hull’s streetscape with this striking 75 metre long blade. The blade was gifted by Siemens who sponsored the installation. Siemens have built a new wind turbine blade factory in Hull which will employ 1000 people when fully operational.

Installation | Christopher Furlong | Getty Images

Unknown source


A lot of money has being spent on the year’s events, more than £30m to be precise. A further £25m has been invested in revamping the city centre and refurbishing the Ferens Art Gallery and Hull New Theatre. This is great news for Hull and I think only good things will come from this. The Turner Prize 2017 will be held in Hull from September. This is one of the art world’s prestigious awards and it is coming to the Ferens Art Gallery. Crazy right?

I wish I was there so I could take part. I really wanted to participate creatively and I’m sure I probably could if I had looked into before I left. However I am loving the reaction on Facebook and I’m trying to keep up to date with all the events online. The internet is a great thing.

I know when I return home to Hull, I will see it in a different light. Being away from a place for a long period of time makes you appreciate it more. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and all. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in the city, however small they may be. Hull is going somewhere and I’m proud to say I saw it grow.

Thinking of visiting and want to know where to go or what to see, here’s a little list for you…

  • Wander around Old Town, admire the buildings and have a drink in one of the old pubs. Also stop by the Land of Green Ginger to witness the world’s smallest window.
  • The Deep, it stands on the Humber with its striking architecture.
  • Walk around Hull Marina and Humber Street.
  • Eat at Bob Carvers for the best fish and chips in town.
  • Have one too many cocktails down Newland and Princes Avenue, also lots of great restaurants.
  • Venture to Beverley (not in Hull) but it is a picturesque small town.
  • See the Humber Bridge, it was once the world’s longest single-span suspension bridge.
  • Follow the Fish Trail through the city centre.
  • Visit the Ferens Art Gallery.

Last but not least this website is great for all the Hull City of Culture events and information. Have a skeg!

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