Vancouver Canucks vs. New York Islanders

If you follow me on Instagram or a friend on Facebook, you will have seen that James and I went to watch the Canucks last Thursday. Since day one in Canada, I’ve wanted to watch an ice hockey game, any team (I’m not fussy). I know very little about ice hockey but I know it’s more popular over here than back home. Also it’s called hockey here, no ice mentioned. Field hockey is what we would call hockey. That got a little confusing.

James works at the Rogers Arena and was promised two free tickets when he started many months ago. He works behind the bar serving customers beer for hockey games and music events. I was so excited when he said we were finally going to go. I may have been more excited for hot dogs and beer.

We had perfect seats in section 113 and although it was fairly busy, we were lucky to have a few empty seats around us. I always find arena seats to be so small and no space for your jacket or bag. After finding our seats we decided to head back to the food stalls for a quick bite and beer. I was surprised at how many food outlets they were, you are spoilt for choice. I had to have a hot dog though and I didn’t argue when James ordered a footlong for me. James had a carved sarnie and we both had a very expensive beer. You should always expect to pay premium rates for food and drink in arenas so you might as well enjoy it.


There was a big build up to the game with music, flashing lights and hockey clips on the screen. I loved the atmosphere and really got into the game. They drew in the last 20 seconds which was great to watch but unfortunately they lost to the New York Islanders in overtime. Final score was 4-3 to the Islanders.

Before the game


During the game

The Vancouver Canucks don’t have a great reputation or a winning streak but it was fun to support them. I saw a mini fight on the ice and ate a lot of food. James managed to get us a few free beers from his work colleagues. Overall it was a fab night and I would recommend anyone to go. I definitely want to catch another game sometime soon. Maybe I’ll become a Hull Pirates fan when I’m back in the UK.

A tip for any first timers, go to guest services at the Rogers Arena and tell them it is your first game. You’ll get a shiny badge, like this…




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