March, already?

Where has the past two months gone? I swear 2017 only begun yesterday. I’m three months into the new year and nothing has changed. Like every New Year’s resolution, they fall short within a few weeks. I must be one of millions who aim to lose weight every year. I try but pizza always wins. I actually miss the gym (who am I?).

The 1st of March will be my 1st of January. I’m joining a gym. I’m cutting pizza out of my life, for lent anyways. I’m going to bike everywhere, or try my best to. I’m also going to post my list of things I want to see this year whilst I’m still in Canada. I regret not utilizing my first 6 months, or should I say 8 months now. It’ll soon be a year and I won’t have seen half of what I hoped for.

I think this was the biggest thing I had to adjust to. Before coming to Canada I thought I could work part time and travel at every opportunity. Obviously I live in a dream world, where money doesn’t exist. Money does make the world go round, regardless of what anyone says. It’s not all about adventures and excitement unfortunately but I will try and make the best of it. I really do not want to come home next year and regret not doing what I wanted.

So my travel, see and do list for 2017…

  1. Hike Joffre Lakes
  2. Do the Grouse Grind
  3. Visit Seattle
  4. Visit Portland
  5. Attend the Calgary Stampede
  6. Visit Vancouver Island – Tofino and Victoria
  7. Go snowshoeing
  8. Go paddle boarding at Deep Cove
  9. Hike Garibaldi Lake
  10. Hike The Stawamus Chief
  11. Go wine tasting at Okanagan Valley
  12. Do white water rafting
  13. Visit Steveston
  14. See an ice hockey game
  15. Do the Whistler bungee
  16. Learn snowboarding, next winter
  17. Work in a ski resort, next winter
  18. Go to the Scandinave Spa at Whistler
  19. Visit Maligne Lake
  20. Visit Salt Spring Island
  21. Visit Bowen Island
  22. Go kayaking
  23. Ride a seaplane
  24. Visit Jasper
  25. Take advantage of the free National Parks pass
  26. Blog more frequently
  27. Take more photos
A little mood board for inspiration (photos taken from Google)

I haven’t included the east side of Canada on here as I’d like to do that next year, before I leave. I also would love to do Route 66 across America. I’m not sure how my bank balance will take this but I like to dream big. Any sponsors welcome!


This isn’t a complete list and I’m sure it’ll be never ending. I’m always dreaming of doing something or going somewhere. Watch this space.




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