The Edible Museum

Last Thursday I went to The Edible Museum of Canadian Food and Wine. This was a pop up event for one night only at The Permanent. The tickets sold out super quick and they later released an earlier entry time for people like me to get a second chance. The ticket cost around $24 which included food and wine.

The venue was simply stunning. It is described as a premier heritage venue on their website. It has a stained glass atrium, it’s the first thing you see when you walk into this beautiful building. It was once a bank back in 1935 and it still has the original vault doors on display. It was the perfect location for this event.

IMG_3510 (2).jpg

You were greeted at the door with a handout for the event. They explained how it worked and left you to your own devices. So you were given a glass of sparkling wine and you had to keep the glass for the other stalls. In between the stalls were installations with information about how Canadian food and wine has evolved. It was across two levels and the space was designed very well.

The Food

  • Chef Andrea Carlson’s Local Rice & Toasted Bran Risotto
  • Salmon n’Bannock’s Sylix Inspired Plate
  • Chef J-C Poirier’s Sucre a la Creme & Tourtiere and “Quebec Style” ketchup
  • Chef Eleanor Chow’s Cadeaux Nanaimo Bar
  • Inniskillin Icewine Chocolate Truffles

Each food station was paired with wine, mainly white or red. So I do drink wine and I enjoy it. However I know nothing about wine. At university it was all about buying the cheapest and highest alcohol content. Now I enjoy rose, mainly zinfandel and most white and reds.

I have done wine tasting at Holmfirth Vineyard located near Huddersfield, UK. As you can imagine the wine made in the UK isn’t like the wine you and I drink from the nearby corner shop/liquor store. Nonetheless it is a beautiful place and I would recommend anyone to visit.

Sorry I digressed, so the staff at the Edible Museum knew so much about the wine, I appreciated the information but it fell on deaf ears. I need to take a trip to Okanagan Valley in the summer and swot up on my wines. Any excuse for a road trip and wine tasting.

Overall this event was very enjoyable. It isn’t something I would normally do on a Thursday night and it was great to catch up with Victoria (who has just been to The Yukon, I’m a little jealous). I wish I took pictures for you guys, the food was well presented and the installations were fun and interactive. Sometimes you have to actually enjoy being there instead of viewing it through a camera.

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day heart





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