Dine Out Vancouver

As some of you may know, I’m a big foodie. I talk about it all the time. I browse menus all the time. I share my food on Instagram all the time. I think about food all the time. So as you can imagine trying new food and restaurants is a favourite pastime of mine. When I heard about Dine Out Vancouver, I was too excited.

So what is Dine Out Vancouver you ask? It is a food festival which took place between January 20th and February 5th. Basically 200+ restaurants across the city take part and offer three course menus which are priced either $20, $30 or $40. This is a bargain, especially for the high end restaurants. It is a perfect opportunity to try those pricey restaurants on a budget.

Unfortunately taking three weeks off over christmas and working in a bike shop over winter means my bank balance has taken a huge hit. It was with great disappointment that I couldn’t take full advantage of this food festival. I did however manage to visit three restaurants during Dine Out. You can’t be broke if you don’t check you bank balance right?


#1 Mahony and Sons – Stamps Landing

James and I live 170 metres away (according to Google maps) from Mahony’s so we decided to go for convenience. We have eaten here a few times before so we knew what to expect. We just wanted a cheap and easy dinner. It was $20 for three courses and the place was packed. I’ve never seen it so busy. The food was nice and good value for money. I had the pork belly bites, Aussie meat pie and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. James chose the same, I hate when that happens.

#2 Afghan Horseman Restaurant – Granville Island

Luckily I work with people who also love food and we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to eat out on a budget at somewhere none of us have been before. Vanessa suggested this Afghan/Middle Eastern restaurant and it was delicious. We were seated in the cushion room, so we sat on the floor surrounded by cushions. It was actually way comfier than I imagined. I had the hummus, which was the tastiest hummus I have ever eaten. I have contemplated on returning just to buy a tub of it. I followed the appetizer with the lamb shank served with rice and potato. Again this was devine, or should I say heavenly delicious. Dessert was firni, a milk pudding with cardamom spice and pistachios. To be honest I would have been happy to swap this for more hummus but nevertheless I enjoyed it. It was great to try something outside of my comfort zone or should I say James’ comfort zone (sorry James). It reminded me of Marrakech restaurant which is located in Hull (UK). This was $20 and it was worth every penny, I mean cent.



#3 Romers Burger Bar – Kitsilano

A fellow Swapper (Victoria) and I arranged to meet here to try out their three courses for $30. The menu had me salivating at the thought. It had prawns on it for start, coconut prawns. So of course I chose the prawns. They were yummy. To follow I had the sirloin steak with lobster shrimp garlic sauce. I asked for medium rare but it was definitely more medium than rare. Nonetheless it tasted good, especially with that seafood garlic sauce. It was served with cajun rice and Brussels sprouts. I loved the Brussels sprouts, seen as though I didn’t get to eat them on Christmas Day. I couldn’t make my mind up about the cajun rice, however I still managed to leave the plate empty. The doughnuts for dessert were just as good too. Overall another great meal for a great price.


I wish I could have tried more restaurants. I wish even more that I tried the more expensive restaurants. However I always worry those places are too pretentious for me and I end up feeling uncomfortable during the whole meal. I love Dine Out and think it is a great idea to bring new customers in and to try new things. Hull, you should do this!

Want to view the official guide for Dine Out Vancouver? Click here.

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