Curling is not my forte

Last week I got the opportunity to go curling at the Vancouver Curling Club. I’ve never wanted to go curling or even thought about it but when Swap organised a meet up there I couldn’t say no. This was such a canadian thing to do and I loved it.


It cost $20 each for two hours, possibly a reduced rate as we were a large group. We were told to wear clean(ish)  trainers with white soles. They provide shoe covers which prevent you from slipping on the ice. We had an instructor for the full session who showed us the moves and persisted with our lack of skills.

I was more scared of falling than anything else. This held me back, or that’s what I like to think. I also have very restricted movement in my left ankle and a weak left leg so I couldn’t perfect the stance. I thought I’d be better at the brushing, I thought wrong.

On the other hand it was a lot of fun trying and watching others succeed and fail. We played with official Olympic stones. These were used in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Canada won a gold and silver medal .


What I learnt:

  • Never lift the 20kg stone off the ice, simply placing them back down can crack the ice.
  • If you body comes into contact with the ice, get up quickly as this can cause it to melt (duh) and it ruins the surface.
  • You need to be able to do a very deep lunge with good balance.
  • People take this sport very seriously. We shared the ice with regular curlers who were less than impressed with our amateur attempts.
  • James is quite good at curling!
  • Curling is not one of my hidden talents.


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