Cypress Mountain

14 days since my last post, my bad! Time is flying by right now and not much has happened since then. I did go skiing last week though, to Cypress Mountain. I’ve been wanting to go skiing for a while now, since my Dad left in January. Lack of money was my first excuse and … More Cypress Mountain

Vancouver at Night

I shared two of these photos on my Instagram pageĀ and had to share them on here too. I love Vancouver at night time, especially across False Creek. The reflections are so pretty. I always wonder what everyone is up to in those tiny little lights twinkling from the high rise buildings. It is also very … More Vancouver at Night

The Edible Museum

Last Thursday I went to The Edible Museum of Canadian Food and Wine. This was a pop up event for one night only at The Permanent. The tickets sold out super quick and they later released an earlier entry time for people like me to get a second chance. The ticket cost around $24 which … More The Edible Museum