Whistler – 7th & 8th Jan

We made it to our final stop on our RV trip, it was Whistler. It was my third time in Whistler and my Dad’s first. We arrived in Whistler at around 8am, got our lift tickets sorted and then up the mountain we went.

It was a weekend whilst we were there but luckily we didn’t encounter too many crazy, busy lifts. We skied Whistler mountain the first day, then Blackcomb the second day. I love skiing here, I just wish it wasn’t so pricey and the lifts stayed open later. 3pm is too early in my eyes and then some lifts close earlier. To buy a ticket at the window on the day, it will set you back $139 plus taxes. When a lift closes early it’s hard not to be annoyed when you pay so much to use them.

On a happier note Whistler is something else. Although I would say the 3 Valleys in France is my favourite ski area, Whistler is a lot of fun. Lots of good skiing to be had, lift attendants are the friendliest and plenty of food options (important in my eyes).

Top of Whistler Village Gondola

We stayed at Riverside Resort in our RV. We got the last spot, luckily. Parking overnight at Whistler is frowned upon so we played it safe at the nearest RV park. It is also home to cute little log cabins. And conveniently located next to the Scandinavian spa, which is on my to do list. We made use of the showers and freshened up. Then we caught a taxi and went into Whistler village for the evening.

Scandinave Spa Whistler, look how dreamy it looks (not my photo)

Our plan was to have a few drinks and get a little merry, something my Dad and I enjoy doing together. We ate at Brewhouse, and we ate too much. We were so full, we could barely drink/stay awake. Bedtime was calling so made our way back to the RV. Thankfully an early night means an early morning for another full day of skiing.

A snowy, overcast day was forecast for Sunday, however we got lucky. It didn’t affect our day at all really. After another successful day of skiing and boarding we decided to drive back to Vancouver. The RV had to be back in Delta the next day anyways so it seemed right to head back. It gave us time to clean and unpack the RV before returning it.

Blackcomb Mountain
Peace out
P1080338 (3).jpg
Glass bottom gondola – Peak 2 Peak

It was a sad day leaving the RV behind. It became our home on wheels and it has opened my eyes to fully grabbing this experience with both hands and actually seeing more of Canada. I’m already mentally planning trips for the near future and I briefly looked at buying a small camper van. I soon realised it was totally out of my budget but a girl can dream.

(Featured image - Anderson Design Group)


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