Banff – 3rd Jan

Our second day in Banff consisted of skiing at Mount Norquay. We decided on the afternoon pass as it is a fairly small resort. We ate at Melissa’s Missteak for breakfast, I had a really tasty eggs benedict here. James couldn’t snowboard so he was up for watching Stars Wars at the local cinema.

After parking the RV up and getting into our snow gear we were ready for the slopes. It was $57 for an afternoon pass. They claim to have 60 runs with 6 lifts so we were pretty stoked. One of their main lifts had technical errors so it stopped frequently, the slopes were icy and could have done with more snow. I’m not sure where they counted 60 runs either, a bit cheeky of them really.

Overall it wasn’t the best skiing I’ve ever done. It was the closest option to Banff however I wish we went to Sunshine Village. It looks like a lot more skiing can be done there. Regardless of that I was thankful to be on my skis and having a good time with my Dad. I managed to get some pretty good photos too.

Mount Norquay
The Rockies
Mount Norquay views
Keep riding Dad!

After picking up James from the town centre we headed towards Calgary. We spontaneously decided to have a day in Calgary, instead of going to Jasper. As you’ll be aware this trip wasn’t planned day by day which I loved. We had a rough idea of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see. We may have wasted a bit of time sleeping in too late and not deciding on exact routes but it made it a lot more fun and relaxed.

Just 40 minutes away from Calgary we stayed at Spring Hill RV park. It was kind of in the middle of nowhere and attached to a Shell garage but we finally managed to fill up on water. A lot of the campgrounds offer water but with temperatures hitting as low as -38, many of these water pumps were frozen.

Trans-Canada Highway

2 thoughts on “Banff – 3rd Jan

  1. I always laugh how ski places count trails..everytime there is a junction it seems they change names just so they can claim they have alot of trails


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