Banff – 2nd Jan

One thing I learnt about Banff is it’s super cold in January. Nevertheless it is beautiful. The town is something you see on a postcard. Snow does a good job of making everything look pretty though. Whilst in Banff I skied at Mount Norquay, soaked in a hot spring and viewed the famous Banff Springs Hotel.

P1010167 (2).jpg
Banff Avenue

After a night at the Tunnel Mountain campground we were eager to try a hot springs. En route to Banff, driving across British Columbia (which is a long journey by the way) we saw tons of hot spring signs. We were keen to try one and Banff Upper Hot Springs was conveniently located nearby. Luckily you can rent swimwear as I didn’t expect to need such attire. It sounds a little gross but they were in good condition and cost $1.90.

I expect hot springs to be a natural pool but it wasn’t. Well I knew this before turning up, it’s a swimming pool with steamy natural mineral water. I got changed into my traditional swimsuit (not sexy) and walked into the pool from the inside out. It’s a must do in Banff, a little crowded but relaxing. It was very steamy so you could just about see the mountains in the background. It also cost $7.30, bargain!

Banff Upper Hot Springs
Banff Upper Hot Springs

Second stop of the day was the Banff Springs Hotel, this is where my Aunty and Uncle got married so it was a must see. It is part of the Fairmont chain, so it’s grand and luxurious. It’s nestled in a valley of trees and it is truly spectacular when you see it. We viewed it from Surprise Corner where you can see it from across the valley and on a viewing platform. It is a great place for photos.

Banff Springs Hotel
Banff Springs Hotel






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  1. renting a bathing suit reminded me of school.. IF you were to forget your bathing suit the teacher made you wear stuff from the lost and found bin. there were some nasty looking pieces in there.

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