Happy New Year

I’m writing this from the motorhome in Golden, British Columbia. I have literally just realised the time is different here too so one hour to midnight. We are sat drinking, eating pizza and watching the Grand Tour on Golden Municipal Campground. It’s not my usual kind of NYE and I think we are all a little deflated about it. However we have had a few awesome days and lots still to look forward to.

We picked up the RV on the 29th December, I have no idea which day that was. We headed straight to Kelowna, stopping for food en route. Then the snow storm struck. It closed two of the three routes we could take and delayed us for about two to three hours. We were in Hope (a place, not a feeling) and had no idea how we would get to Kelowna. We persisted and sat on the highway for an hour or so. Then we took the third option and we were on our way.

We arrived in Kelowna at midnight and decided to park in a Walmart car park for the night. It was a long day but an adventure. Plus we were heading to Big White ski resort the next day so we were pleased to finally be nearby.

After a McDonalds breakfast we set off for Big White, only 50 minutes away. We got an afternoon/night lift ticket, James had to sit this one out due to his injured shoulder. The skiing was great, sorry James. The conditions were perfect and the night skiing was unbelievable. The queues could have been shorter but everyone waits so patiently, it wasn’t a big issue.

Apres ski turned into getting very merry and setting the smoke alarm off in the motorhome. This also caused us a late start so we didn’t quite make it to Banff for New Years Eve. Revelstoke was a good second option to break up the mammoth drive. The RV site we had in mind was closed and very snowy so that was out of the question.

This brings me to now, settled in Golden. A place I never thought I would be on New Years Eve. It’s a funny thing really, it is just another night. We managed to get some alcohol from the liquor store and agreed we would have a chilled night with food, cards and TV. So far so good and I am eager to see what 2017 has to offer.


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