25th Dec

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! How many times have you said that now? I love how you literally say it to every person you encounter. Another reason why I love Christmas.

My day started with multiple FaceTime sessions. First with my Nanna at my Aunty and Uncle’s house, then Holly who was with her boyfriend and his family. I spoke to my Mum who is in France skiing and my Grandparents who are in Scotland with my other Aunty and Uncle. I sent messages to my friends on WhatsApp and posted a status on Facebook. Technology isn’t so bad after all.

My Dad brought presents with him from home so I had a few gifts to open. It was really nice and relaxed. James and Dad even had a few presents to open too. We all got Christmas specs off my Nanna so we looked very festive sat on the sofa wearing them.

We had our Christmas Dinner at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver at 6pm. We couldn’t go all day without food and we missed the shops on Christmas Eve to get ingredients for a nice brunch. Luckily James volunteered to head to the nearest 7-Eleven. He came back with bags full of breakfast items. Christmas brunch wasn’t ruined after all.

I suggested we go for a walk to work up an appetite for our Christmas buffet. It worked a treat and it was nice to show Dad more of False Creek and Granville Island. I was surprised how busy the seawall was, lots of people walking around. Starbucks was even open which is just crazy to me, however I did appreciate a warm drink.

Views of the Spruce Harbour Marina


Once back in the flat, we got glammed up and headed out for this much-anticipated Christmas buffet. The Fairmont is a hotel company known for luxury and I was more than excited to eat here. It was fairly pricy but I truly believe it was worth the money. The decorations were extravagant, the dishes were served beautifully and the food was deliciously tasty.

Pacific Ballroom
The Dessert Room
The Dessert Room
The Dessert Room
The most extravagant cheese display I have ever seen


S’more station

I managed six plates, I ate little and often. James made a massive mistake and piled his second plate high. He struggled after that, what an amateur. Dad loved the seafood and went back for more than seconds.

Before booking this I saw the menu online, I love browsing menus online. It described every part of the buffet and listed all the dishes to expect. One of these dishes was called #OMG cake. I was very intrigued about this and searched the entire¬†dessert room for it, yes they had a dedicated room just for desserts. So I asked a waiter, who then asked the chef. This led me to receiving my very own slice of #OMG cake. The chef explained it wasn’t part of the buffet but was on the menu at the restaurant downstairs. He then went onto ask if I wanted to try to it and I couldn’t say no. I presumed it would just be a taster, I was wrong! I now understand why it’s called the #OMG cake, as I said oh my god when it came to our table. It was huge and a chocolate mousse layer cake.

#OMG cake – bottom right

It was delicious but I struggled after that. I couldn’t just eat a little bit of it, the chef made it personally for me. I tried my best, with the help of my Dad. James refused as he was still suffering from his huge plate of food. I finished with a bit of cheese and removed the napkin from my lap. I’m done.

We were there about three hours and everything about it was great. It made having Christmas away from my loved ones a whole lot better. The staff were fab and the live music was a nice touch. I couldn’t say a bad word about it. It made my day seeing an 80+ year old couple enjoying their Christmas Day together taking photos on their iPhones. They even moved their seats closer to one another. I’m not sure if this was because they wanted to be closer or because they couldn’t hear each other. Safe to say it was the cutest thing I saw all day.

It has being a very different Christmas to what I’m used to but it has been great. I’m so glad I got to spend it with my Dad too, I had a little piece of home with me. It’s difficult being away from family on days like Christmas but it doesn’t mean it has to be a shit one. If you can get home over the Christmas holidays then do it but if you can’t you can still have a nice day. As long as you celebrate the way you want to and enjoy yourselves then you’re winning! It is also something you’ll remember for the rest of you life, that time you spent Christmas away from home.

I wonder where I will and what I’ll be doing next Christmas.




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