24th Dec

How is it Christmas Eve already? I can’t believe it. I opened my final door on my Kinder chocolate advent calendar. It was a Kinder Surprise with the smallest water pistol I have ever seen inside.

I worked today so I left my Dad in James’ hands. From what they told me they had a good day and walked 7 miles in and around Vancouver. They even came to say hi at work, it was crazy busy though. Well way busier than it has been as of late.

I met them after for a drink and all you can eat Mongolian grill. You fill your bowl with frozen meat, noodles, veg and sauces. The chef takes the bowl from you and throws it all on a hot plate. It was tasty and cheap.

Last nights antics were finally catching up with me and I was eager to get home and chill in my pjs. It was probably for the best as we noticed a lot of places closed, especially bars. Back in the UK, Christmas Eve is an excuse to go to the local pub and drink until it’s Christmas Day.

I’m currently sat on the sofa, struggling to keep my eyes open and listening to my Dad snoring. It’s still crazy that my Dad’s actually here. As much as I’m loving every minute of him being here, I can’t stop thinking about when I have to say goodbye. It’s not for a while yet but it’s always in the back of my mind and it’s a very sad thought.


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