19th Dec

After a snow day, you get a slush day. I hate slush, especially when your shoe disappears into a deep slushy puddle. It is a full body workout walking in slush too. You’re trying your hardest not to face plant the floor so your whole body is tensed up and you are shuffling like a penguin.

That is how I walked to and from the bus today. I left my waterproof shoes at home, thinking it won’t be that bad. My little toes were wet by the time I made it to work. I won’t make that mistake twice.

We presumed no one would rent a bike today, well we thought wrong. It was actually quite busy for a snowy slushy day. I judged each and everyone of them upon entering and leaving the shop. You must have better things to do on a such a wet day?

Google image


Can you believe it’s the week of Christmas? I certainly can’t.

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