18th Dec

My alarm woke me at 7am, along with a text from work saying it’s snowing and work will be closed. I was so pleased because I was finding it difficult getting out of bed. Back to sleep I went.

When I eventually rose James and I sat on the balcony watching the snow fall. We were accompanied with a hot chocolate, leftover sausage rolls and french baguette. It was lovely and a great start to a very chilled day.


I Facetimed my family as they were all having a pre-Christmas beige buffet. My Dad will be here with me on Christmas day and not with them in the UK so they were celebrating early. I was passed around the table like a salt pot but I loved it. It was nice to see everyone having a nice time but sad as I wasn’t there with them.

Netflix has been my saviour today, I’ve watched The Jungle Book and The Grinch. I’ve done laundry and washed pots (boring). I then went for a walk, firstly to take photos for today’s blog and secondly to test my new “waterproof” walking boots in the snow. They passed and I just love the sound of snow crunching underneath my shoes. I got some good pictures too.


I’ve noticed recently my photos appear grainy (sad face) and I realised the ISO has been on auto. That’ll teach me for being lazy and using auto settings. It’s also a newish camera so I’m still getting used to all the different settings. I’ll try harder next time.

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