17th Dec

I apologise for not posting yesterday, it was a late one and my bed won. Luckily work is closed today (it’s snowing) so I got a lie in, not so great for the pay cheque though.

So yesterday I worked, it was fairly busy but also very cold. Why anyone comes and rents a bike in these temperatures is beyond me. Then again I did bike to and from work, I wore tights under my jeans and doubled up on gloves. It kind of helped to keep warm.

In the evening we had some friends round for a potluck evening. I did homemade meatballs, a chorizo spanish omelette and wedges (not homemade). James contributed with a bag of mini eggs, two bite brownies and two Terrys chocolate oranges.

I actually really enjoy cooking but don’t do it often enough. I also like hosting so would love a big kitchen and dining area in my future home, a girl can dream. Our friends bought snacks and homemade sausage rolls, they were so tasty.


Chorizo and cheese omelette (based upon this recipe here)



Albondigas – meatballs in a garlic tomato sauce (recipe here)

I apologise for the quality of these iPhone pictures. I have an iPhone 5S and we are slowly but surely falling out of love. I use my Olympus Pen E-PL7 for the majority of my blog photos. It’s actually a great compact camera and so easy to share my photos from it. I’ll stop using my iPhone camera.


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