16th Dec

Unfortunately I haven’t taken a picture today and nothing interesting happened. So I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on the past six months. I arrived in Vancouver on the 28th June, I’ve nearly done a quarter of my time here. It is crazy how quick it has gone.

I miss my family and friends more and more each day however I’m genuinely having the time of my life. If you ever get an opportunity like this, grab it with both hands. As cringeworthy as it is, it’s life changing.

I’ve met people from all over the world who have become good friends and made me feel welcome in a foreign environment. I encounter people at work from all over the world who are all here doing different things. I love hearing other people’s stories and their plans.

I’m not sure I’m sold on living here forever. I think about coming home a lot, at the end of my two years. It’ll be weird for sure, adjusting back to English life and starting from scratch again. In fact it makes me a little sad thinking about leaving Vancouver behind. I still have 18 months left on my visa and I hope to see and do a lot more.

I thought I was putting my life on hold when I left the UK. I disagree with that now and would encourage anyone to leave their comfort zone and experience a new life somewhere else. It helps that I came here with James however meeting people is fairly easy. My job is very social and the Swap events are a great opportunity to meet new people.

I was also worried about missing out on things back home. I missed my Dad’s 50th birthday which was hard but not as hard as I thought. You can’t do everything and I’ve realised that now. Christmas won’t be the same but I’m still going to have a good time. My Dad will be here, I can’t wait!

For 2017, I’m hoping I have lots of visitors and I can show off this amazing place I call home. I only wanted to come to Canada for the skiing but it has way much more to offer. Get it on your wish list guys and make it happen.

Some of you will know about flashback Friday, like throwback Thursday. Facebook and Timehop love to remind me what I was doing on this day years ago. So I thought I’d share some with you…

3 years ago

James and I on a night out in Leeds

4 years ago

Ski trip to Sestriere with uni

6 years ago 

Me at uni on a night out, cringe!


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