15th Dec

I’m writing this slightly merry with red wine stained lips. James and I went to the cheese and wine night hosted by Swap at their office in Downtown Vancouver.

First of all Swap provided all the cheese and wine, we just had to bring ourselves and a can of soup or socks for the food bank/homeless shelter. Swap are great at organising events and are a perfect place to meet new people in the same position as you.

Secondly, I love cheese and wine so I couldn’t have had a better time. They had brie, smoked cheese, jalapeño cheese, Wensleydale and even Babybel. What a selection!

We were one of the last ones standing and the red wine has definitely gone to my head. Luckily it’s only 9:30, so plenty of time to prepare myself for work tomorrow.

If you are ever afraid to go to events like this, just go. You don’t expect much from it but you end up having a really good time. You socialise with people you wouldn’t normally mix with. However I have realised the English tend to sit together, sorry.


The office mantra



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