13th Dec

Today was a weird one, I spent my morning at physio with James. My afternoon was spent at the designer outlet buying a winter coat for James and walking boots for me. And finally my evening, I went to the Comedy Mix amateurs night.

James had an informative session with a Physiotherapist this morning, he was in there for over an hour and it set him back $90. To be honest I don’t think that is too bad. It should really help his shoulder recovery and no doubt he’ll be back to normal soon. My phone also died during this session and you soon realise how it is impossible to survive without a phone. How will he know where I am? What if something happens to me, or him? What if he leaves the physio earlier than planned? So I quickly ran to the nearest Starbucks to waste some time and hurried back. I was still sat in the waiting room for 40 minutes without a phone to entertain me. Thankfully the trusty waiting room magazines saved the day.

So James thinks it’s ok to walk around in two hoodies instead of buying a winter jacket. Now the daily temperature is close to freezing, he finally saw sense and bought a jacket from Mountain Warehouse. I also purchased some much wanted walking boots for $50. I thought it was a good starting point for an amateur. They should come in handy for this winter RV trip I have organised for when my Dad arrives.

Molly (who I met at Spokes) kindly invited James and I to the ProAm night at The Comedy Mix. We have been before and knew it’s quite a fun evening so we went along. Tonight was way better than the previous time. Amateur nights can be hit and miss. You can get people who are starting out or professionals wanting to test new jokes. Tonight was a hit and was utterly hilarious from start to finish. She won the tickets so we didn’t have to pay however I wouldn’t have minded paying the $8 entry fee for a night of aching cheeks (from laughing).

My only two photos from today…

I completely forgot about my first trip on the Aquabus, it was fun!
The mountains creeping out from the clouds and behind the cityscape

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