3rd Dec

So this morning I woke up feeling very delicate after one too many beers last night and maybe a couple of Jägerbombs.  James and I went for a farewell drink for Fabian who is leaving Vancouver to return to Germany. We were only going to have a few, like you always say. And here I am still suffering after a day of eating a lot of carby foods in the hope I’ll feel normal again. Any excuse for Mcdonalds, chinese and mac & cheese all in the same day (don’t be jealous).

I’ve seen many people come and go whilst in this job. It’s always strange saying goodbye because you’ll probably never see them again. I work with people in the same shoes as me, on working holiday visas, away from their family and hoping to see new places. It’s fun to exchange stories and here about where home is for them. We may cross paths again, we may not; it is a weird thing this working holiday lark. You soon realise you aren’t the only one struggling being away from home, being poor and having to explain yourself more than once because of your accent.

However I wouldn’t have it any other way, this experience is once in a lifetime and I’m loving it. It reminds me of uni in so many ways. Everyone seems to be just drinking, eating, skint and having an awesome time. It’ll be a sad sad day when my time is finally up.

Yes I’ve been reflecting in my hungover state which leads me onto today’s photo. I caught the bus from a different stop and the view surprised me. There was a lot going on; the sun was rising, construction work, steam coming out the building, it was foggy, it wasn’t raining and it was calm. It looks very chaotic but it was actually really chilled which is what I love about Vancouver.

Concrete jungle with some impressive architecture

And I forgot to mention I saw a raccoon last night in the middle of the city!

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