Viva Las Vegas

I’m back in Vancouver; not completely broke, not married and missing the Nevada sunshine. James and I flew to Las Vegas last Wednesday and returned on Sunday. James’ parents were there at the same time so overall it was a fantastic trip.

I’ve been to Vegas twice before, ten years ago and four years ago. So I knew what to expect and I was happy to be leaving the Vancouver rain behind. Seriously the past 2 weeks it has just rained and rained. Even though I have seen most of the Vegas strip before, I was super excited to show James around with it being his first time. It was also my first time drinking and gambling properly there, so lots of fun to be had.

We stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel (courtesy of James’ parents, thank you) which is north of the Las Vegas strip. It served us perfectly, we could walk to the centre of the strip or catch a bus. We actually used the bus quite a lot as a 3 day pass cost $20 and it runs 24/7, like everything else in Las Vegas. The hotel also has a 1,149 ft (thanks Google) stratosphere tower which boosts spectacular views of the strip and 3 rides. Being a guest at the hotel means you get unlimited access to the viewing platform and discount off the rides. We planned to do the rides on our second to last evening, unfortunately we got too drunk and then too hungover the next day to do it.

If you have been to Vegas before you will know you spend the majority of your day walking around hotels you can’t afford to stay in. It is also a great opportunity to take advantage of the free wifi. Most of the hotels on the strip have massive casinos which all look the same and have the same tables/slot machines. If you’re using the slot machines and tables you get free drinks. Technically not free if you’re losing money every minute but it makes you stay put which is what they want.

I’m a newbie to any type of gambling. I love the sound of winning money but I’m too scared of losing. I tried roulette which was fairly easy but I lost. Then I stuck to the slot machines. I won but not big money like James. James likes to tell me how unlucky he is however he won on most slot machines and $400 on three card poker. He did lose too though to be fair but overall I think he is up.

Big win on the Britney Spears slot machine at Hooters Casino

Drinking and smoking is huge in Las Vegas. You can drink outside and smoke inside. Drinking on the street is frowned upon in Vancouver so it was a sight I’m not used to. People are just walking around with a can of beer, including myself. I’m not sure how smoking inside is still acceptable to be honest but anything can happen in Vegas I guess. I didn’t particularly enjoy smelling smoke on my clothes/hair at the end of the day.

Vodka slush = happy Jess

It must be one place I don’t feel guilty having a lie in on holiday. This is because everything is open 24/7. So if you get up late you can stay out late and still see and do what you planned on doing. The city that never sleeps! To be fair the strip looks best at night time with all their extravagant signs and lights.

I wonder how much the electric bill is?!

You must see a show whenever you visit Vegas, we saw Le Reve – The Dream at the Wynn Hotel. It was AMAZING! It was full to the brim of acrobatics, synchronized swimming, fire, dancing and diving. We were sat right at the front, however any seat is a good seat. We were splashed a few times but not drenched thankfully. I have seen Cirque Du Soleil shows before and I would say it was better, although quite similar in some aspects.


These were taken on my iPhone 5s so I apologise for the quality

I have more to say on Las Vegas and photos to share so I will save it for another post, come back soon!



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