Home Comforts

I’ve been away from home for nearly three months and it has gone so quick. I am such a family gal and that’s the biggest thing I miss, my family and my crazy friends.

When I finished uni back in 2014 I was nervous about coming home, losing independence and all that. However I was worrying for no reason, in fact I had it good at home with a big bedroom and my own bathroom. My housemates were now my Dad and sister, Holly. It was fun and I couldn’t complain about my living situation. I was scared about leaving this safe haven for a land of unknown but that was part of the adventure. I’m now settled in a cushty one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend of four years.

I’ve not experienced homesickness yet. I am very content with where I am right now. I miss my family and friends a lot but unfortunately not enough to dwell on it and book a flight home, sorry guys. With the likes of WhatsApp and FaceTime I’ve not had time to properly miss them. I speak to my friends and family daily, send them pictures and videos of what I’m up to. With that said I cannot wait to show my first visitors round this amazing place I now call home. No one has booked flights yet but I know a handful of people who are thinking about it.

So staying on the theme of home, what do I miss most about my English life?

  • Garlic Bread – ok don’t laugh, but I cannot seem to find a decent garlic bread. A thin, crispy, oily, garlicky, cheesy bread. I’m going to have to resort to making my own.
  • My car – I don’t dislike using public transport but I miss the convenience of driving. I have joined a car share scheme called Evo which allows me to pick up a car (with a tap of a card) and it charges per minute. Driving on the wrong side of the road is fun.
  • Aldi – seriously food is expensive here or I’m just used to Aldi prices. Cheese is extortionate and I still think Canadian Dollars are the same in Pounds which doesn’t help.
  • Watching TV – such a first world problem but I miss having a TV. Just flicking it on for background noise or to catch the end of Jeremy Kyle. Luckily the internet is a great thing and I’m still up to date with the Great British Bake Off and Our Girl.
  • Clothes and shoes I left behind – I was pretty brutal when packing, in fact I have a tendency to over pack wherever I go but I was pretty impressed with how little I brought here. Saying that I still managed to fill 1 and a half suitcases.
  • The gym – no joke, I miss kettlercise and being semi active. Gym memberships are pricey here and I have zero motivation for home workouts.
  • My job – I miss my lovely work colleagues and no face to face interaction with customers. I have never met so many stupid customers as I have here and I have worked plenty of customer service jobs. Someone asked me yesterday if it was cold outside?! They had to walk outside to get to the shop!

So the list is pretty petty and it shows I am coping just fine without my English necessities. In fact Canada has it all plus more, just no garlic bread or cheap cheese. Hopefully my family might send me a care package after reading this or book some flights and bring it over themselves (see you soon). It has also reminded me to write about all the wonderful and weird Canadian things I have stumbled upon. Keep your eyes peeled.





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