Home Comforts

I’ve been away from home for nearly three months and it has gone so quick. I am such a family gal and that’s the biggest thing I miss, my family and my crazy friends. When I finished uni back in 2014 I was nervous about coming home, losing independence and all that. However I was … More Home Comforts

Cabin Fever

I take back everything I said about the weather in my last post. I clearly spoke too soon as the sunshine has come back into my glorious Vancouver life. Today I wore shorts for the first time in what seems like forever, probably only a week or so but it felt good (especially with freshly … More Cabin Fever

Lynn Canyon Park

The weather has dramatically turned around in the past week. That is one thing the British love talking about, the weather. Summer came to a quick bitter end in Vancouver, no more hot sunny days and late evenings. It gets dark at 8pm (ok, still quite late) and rain makes an appearance at least once … More Lynn Canyon Park