Lack of Paddle Boards

Moving to a new country is all about trying new things. One of these new things was paddle boarding. So when a couple of girls from work was up for it I was looking forward to testing it out. For all I know I could be a complete natural at it.

Unfortunately I still don’t know how good I am at paddle boarding as the place we went to ran out of paddle boards. I was gutted. I couldn’t see a single person using a paddle board and outside the shop you could see unused ‘reserved’ boards. On the plus side the location was beautiful, a place called Deep Cove. Located in North Vancouver and an hour or so on a bus this little seaside-esque town was very pretty. It had a main street of eateries and ice cream shops and the Deep Cove Kayak Centre is home to water sports which preoccupied the small bay. Next time we will book.

Luckily it wasn’t a wasted trip. The Quarry Rock hike was nearby so we decided to do that instead. I came dressed in sandals thinking I won’t be walking far, I won’t make that mistake again. A sign at the bottom warned me to wear stable footwear, I had no other option but to head on up anyways. I was doing so well until 5 minutes near the end I fell on my ass. I slipped down, staining my legs and shorts with a suspicious looking brown colour and  grazed my arm and hand. It was pretty funny and still is.

The views from Quarry Rock were amazing. Unfortunately it was a little crowded on the top, it would have been nice to have it all to ourselves. You could see for miles which was helped with the clear blue skies and sunshine. I would definitely recommend this short hike. The photos can speak for themselves.


You can see Quarry Rock in the middle of the trees




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