The Adventure Awaits

Some of you may know I now have a job, working in a bike rental shop. It is fun, social and already done three shifts. Exploring has taken a back seat whilst finding my feet in my new role. There is so much I want to see and do, I need to keep reminding myself that I am here for at least a year so I don’t have to do everything in the first month.

I’ve been in Vancouver for two weeks and two days and already accomplished so much. I’m still waiting to move into our flat but I have a job and feeling rather settled. I did want to enjoy my freedom a little longer but it is also nice to know I’ll have dollars coming in really soon. I’ve just had two days off whilst James has had to work. It is not ideal but I’m sure we can adjust and make the most of our evenings together. I still want to take advantage of my days off but I also don’t want James to miss out either so it will be tricky trying to find that balance.

I feel like I haven’t really done or seen much in the past week which makes me sad. I really do not want to fall into a routine of going to work, sleeping and doing it all again the next day. I also know I can’t do everything all at once. It is going to take some adjusting. I guess I expected to be doing something fun and exciting everyday. On the other hand I absolutely love walking through Downtown Vancouver after work just taking it all in. And most days I’ll go down a different street and see something I’ve not seen before. Plus the views are incredible from everywhere…




James and I had a serious chat about our future in Vancouver last week. Originally we wanted to stay put until the winter season, then head to Whistler to work a ski season. Looking for accommodation for 5-6 months was proving rather difficult as discussed in my previous post. To widen our chances we decided to look at one year minimum leases. It wasn’t what we originally wanted to do however things change. We decided together that we couldn’t be in this situation every time we wanted to move on to somewhere else and we wanted to feel settled and comfortable. So we said yes to a one year lease and I don’t regret it.

Whistler is so close; we can ski after work, on our days off or go for a long weekend. I always imagine working a ski season would mean I could ski every day and work for two hours. I know it’s not like that so I’m kind of pleased I won’t to be slaving away looking at the snow through the windows and wishing I was on the slopes. There’s always next winter too so I’m really not disheartened about the whole thing.

Today I wandered round False Creek which is right on the doorstep to our new flat, hurry up August 1st.



P7140230 (2).jpg

P7140226 (2).jpg

P7140231 (2).jpg

So I guess what I’m trying to say is not everything goes the way you expected but it still turns out pretty great. And before I go, I promise to post more often. I’ve started jotting down ideas for future posts so keep your eyes peeled.

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