Canada Day, Ey!

July 1st marked Canada Day which is a massive celebration in Canada and for all Canadians around the world. The first thing I did when I knew I’d be in the country for this anniversary was google the best events in Vancouver.

This wonderful website sent me to Canada Place to witness Canada Day in all its glory. Canada Place is situated on the waterfront in Vancouver and resembles a ship. It is also home to Vancouver’s World Trade and Convention Centre and it is the main cruise ship terminal for the region. Ok enough of the boring facts, it does have a pretty amazing view. You look out onto Vancouver Harbour and on the other side is North Vancouver. Mountains, water and a city scape all in one, it is picture perfect.

P6300103 (2).jpg

The biggest dilemma of the day was whether or not to bring alcohol with us. I didn’t know if you could drink on the streets and Google didn’t answer any of my various worded questions about the matter. So we left all of our Canada Day booze in the apartment and we were pleased. Although beer and wine cost about 7-8 Canadian dollars each, no one else had their own stash of alcoholic beverages. Being new to the country I am wary about any laws or rule breaking, yes I am a goody two shoes so I was happy to purchase at their own stalls.

The event was very well organised, a lot of food outlets, drinking areas, random stalls advertising recycling, cars and radio stations. They even had a main stage with musical entertainment, no Drake or Justin Bieber unfortunately. It was also a very popular place to be on Canada Day, a lot of children, families and every nationality. James and I wandered round, taking it all in. So many people incorporating the red and white colours into what they wore. I particularly liked a ladies Canadian themed cowboy boots. I love people watching, so I could have sat there all day however we decided to go and come back a bit later. The parade started at 7pm and we were hungry so of course food came first.

The parade route was through downtown Vancouver so we found a suitable place and waited for the shenanigans to begin. Our spot was right at the front and we had loads of personal room but by the end we were touched and groped from every angle with the sheer amount of people wanting to catch the parade. I was not budging and although James was ready to leave 10 minutes in, I wanted to see it till the very end despite my feet ballooning to the size of an elephants foot.

So the parade was strange but also enjoyable. The policemen warmed up the crowd with their motorbike skills, basically they went up and down a million times on shiny motorbikes with all sirens and lights going. I really liked their knee high boots…

P7010139 (2).jpgP7010138.JPG

Then a lot of “societies of…” walked through, for example the Chinese Society, Scottish Society, Pakistani Society etc. I was expecting a lot of Canadian things but I presume they are all celebrating the unity and living in Canada because it is a pretty amazing place.

Jet lag is still causing us to wake up at 6am, I say us… mainly me! So tiredness meant we didn’t get to catch the fireworks which were due to start at 10:30pm. Maybe next year 🙂

More pictures of what I witnessed on Canada Day…



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