Mental Prep

11 days to go! I am having mini panic attacks daily now at the thought of leaving my little sheltered bubble in the UK. Regular thoughts are:

What do I pack? Which documents do I need? Will I have enough money?  What will our Airbnb place be like?  Will I be able to find toiletries I like? (seriously) How will I cope without my family? Who will employ me? Will people like me and my accent?  What food will I miss the most? Where will we end up? And many more.

Obviously I have happy thoughts too but due to me flying in a matter of days the worried thoughts have taken over. To be honest I love planning and organising things which my friends constantly say to me when I’m having a diva moment. I also have everything ready apart from my suitcase (where do I even start). Losing sleep over my important documents became a regular occurance, waking up thinking I’m stood at border controls with nothing but my phone happened one too many times. One of my good friends told me to print everything out and place in a fancy folder, so off I went to poundland and purchased an A4 plastic wallet. I printed everything I think I need and now it is sitting in my drawer ready for the big day, I even made James one too.

Bunac have helped a great deal. They are company who branch off from STA Travel and specialise in volunteering and working abroad packages. It wasn’t cheap and I definitely felt it wasn’t worth it to begin with but when the visa application started I was so thankful. Yes the internet has everything you can ever want to find but you can’t trust everything you read. Knowing a team of experts are willing to answer any silly question you have is comforting.

The visa process was tricky and I think it has already changed since I applied so I won’t go into much detail but lets just say it was a rollercoaster of emotions. They were various rounds and steps to it and I remember falling at the first hurdle. I cried to James and said I’m not arsed anymore. Then on the second round I got my number and could proceed. I couldn’t believe it. The biggest worry was making sure both me and James got a visa. I couldn’t imagine the conversation we would’ve had to have if just one of us got one. That is not the case though, we are both going and legally!

I feel much better getting that off my chest and Love Island is about to start (great timing). Yes I got roped into another shit series. That is another thought I have, how am I going to keep up with all my shit TV? I’m sure that will be my last thought when I finally arrive in Canada.


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